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Ok, I got it
Live, Learn, and Love
Live, Learn, and Love
By: jjjjjjjj8
AKA: Jenny (ME)

I was walking when my life turned upside down and backwards. It had all started when my friend and I were walking in the creek. We had been walking down a rocky path, that's when we saw some guys had gone into the batch of banboo, so we followed. There were six tall guys, they all had baggy pants and were wearing hats that were turned to the side. My first thought of them was they were bad news, so I said to my friend, "Mabey we should turn around."

My friend, (by the way her name was Elle.) looked at me and said, "come on Brooke, I bet their up to something." I turned around and started to walk back. Then she grabbed my shirt and tugged on it and said to me with a pleading face on, "come on Brooke, it's going to be fine.

I gave in and said, "okay just promise me one thing."

Elle looked at me and said, "sure, what is it?"

"Don't leave my side," I took a deep breathe and picked up again, "don't draw attention to us we have to be sneaky."

She tugged on me and said, "okay now lets go before the get to far ahead of us." We were following them but at a distance that wasn't to notice able. I was so scared though walking though the banboo, fighting off some of the branches. Then they turned around and we hid ducked. They looked but then turned back and continued to walk in front of us. It was about an hour of walking and getting all these cuts from the brushing banboo branches, brushing against our skin and knees. Then they stopped again, then one of them said, "you got it."

Then Elle and I looked at each other puzzeled and confused. Then I looked at Elles face, she looked so worried but then again so determind to continued to go on our adventure. Then I tripped and got a huge cut on my knees. They all turned around and they were looking intensely trying to see who made that noise. But Elle and I both ducked quickly. The guys stopped again and Elle peered over and saw one of the guys pull out, Oh my gosh he pulled out...
A guy pulled out a bag, with something in it but we couldn't tell. They put the bag in a tree that had a little hole in it that was just big enough for it, but still wasn't at all visible. Then on of the guys said, "okay lets go and come back for it in a little bit."

Then one of the other guys said, "thats a good idea just in case some one with a sneaky suspicion, and a itch for being a brown noser comes around to see what we our doing." Then they turned around to walk back out of the banboo batch. My friends and I hid in a bunch of banboo that was hidden off from all the other banboo that was in the surrondings. The guys all walked out slowly and then one of them tripped. Elle and I chuckled but not to loud or else they would've heard us. We were as still as a rock, in till they left the banboo batch. We made wure that they were well good out of site so we didn't have any hassel. After they were well gone my friend and I tipped toed out of the batch of banboo we were in and then my friend jumped back. She scared me so I screamed.

Then she turned to me and said, "shhh Brooke they could be in hearing distance of us and come running back to see if their whatever it is, is still safe."

I replied, "oh sorry, yeah I wouldn't want one of then tripping again." Then Elle and I broke out of a sper of laughing and contuined our little adventure though the banboo. As we got closer I was thinking of all the things that could be in that bag, " could it be a bomb, or a gun, or even a lollypop. Nah I thought it couldn't be a lollypop." I chuckled to myself. Then my friends looked at me with a puzzling face.

Elle looked at me and said, "were did that chuckle come from?"

I replied, "just thinking." We contuined on and then as we got closer to the bag I got a strange feeling in me like someone was watching us. But then I thoguht, "no one could be watching us we made sure no one was watching us, or could is there?"
As we got closer and closer to the bag we got more excited. We approached the bag with cotion but with a bunch of excitment all inside of us. Elle got to the bag before me and then she grabbed it out of the small black hole in the tree and carefully pulled it out. She whispered in a loud kind of whisper, "come here Brooke hurry."

I whispered back in excitment, "I'm coming, I'm coming." As I got closer I begun to run in egaerness. Then when I got there Elle held up the bag, and inside of the bag contained, something white. We didn't know what it was but I told Elle, "Mabey we should go back."

Elle responed in a tone that told me that she wanted to find out what it was, "come on Brooke we've made it this far and we can't give up now," she puased and took a deep breathe and contiuned on, "you know me Brooke I don't just 'stop in the middle of something, I've gotta keep going!"

I sighed and said, "fine, but how our we going to find out what it is?"

She replied rubbing her chin intenslley, "I don't know, but good question Brooke."

Proud of myself I stood up high, put my shoulders back, and said, "why thank you, but I have another question."

Elle, confused, said, " What is it?"

I said hesitent, "what if it's something illegal and they think it belongs to us, but it doesn't belong to us and we get thrown into jail for the rest of our lives?" I took a deep breathe and a sigh of relief for getting that off my chest.

Elle said, "Brooke, we know that if it's something illegal we won't get in trouble since it's not ours," she put her hand on my shoulder holding the bag that contain white stuff in the otehr hand and said, "we also don't know what it is so they'll know it's not us." I felt a lot better. Elle handed me the bag to pick up something else that belong to them it was a pipe. But for what? I held the bag and Elle held the pipe and we were making our way out of the banboo batch when all the sudden I flet a cold hand on my shoulder I turned around to find out it was...
Their was a cold hand on my shoulder, I quickly turned around to find out that there was the six boys behind Elle and I. Then one of the boys said to me, "Give me the bag."

I looked at Elle, she had a scared face on but then nodded No to me. So I replied with a shakey voice, "nnnoooo." Then they looked at each other confused.

Then another one yelled, "GIVE ME THE BAG!"

Ellle looked one of them straight in the eye and said, "why should we give you the bag?" She glared at me with a faint smile and I gave her in uneasy smile.

Then he replied, "because this isn't for little girls."

Elle hated to be called, "little girls." So she elbowed the guy that was holding her and I did the same. Elle punced on the guy who called her a little girl and started to punch him harder and harder. He yelled out to his friends, "HELP ME!" Then one of them pulled Elle up from him and they got both of our arms and said, "now if you'd just give me the bag and we'll let you go."

Elle yelled out, "HELP SOMEONE HELP SOMEONE." Then one of the guys slapped her and her mouth started to bleed, Elle lipped to me, "H.E.L.P!"

Then the guy who slapped her said, "now will you give the bag to me?"

I yelled, "why so you can be idiots and go do stuff with it, and get in trouble." Then I got the bravery to ask, "what is it anyways then I might give it to you?"

One of the guys sighed and said, "it's d.r.u.g.s." Elle looked at me and I looked at her and we yelled at the same time, "HELP, HELP, HELP!!!!"

Then one of the guys pulled out something shiney that glared in the sunlight blinding me, it was a...
One of them pulled out a gun, and said, "if you don't give the bag to me I''m going to shoot one of you." He was pointing it at me, then Elle, me, then Elle and said again, "out you going to give it to me, or not?"

Elle said, "why should we give it to you." I gave Elle a worried look and then turned my head quickly giving a glance at each of them.

Then the guy said, "if you don't give me the bag then I'll shoot one of you."

Elle looked at him straight in the eye and said, "but why only one of us?" I could tell she was trying to delay them to see if anyone was coming.

He replied with a huge sigh, "because if I shoot both of you it's just not worth it." Then he said, "now are you going to give me the bag or not?"

Elle thought fast and said, "look over there." They all turned their heads as quick as a jack rabbit and the two that were holding on to us let go and Elle and I ran for our lives. We ran back deeper into the banboo patch because, we couldn't go out, because they were blocking the enterance. As we ran we heard yelling from the guys. They were yelling, "get back here, and don't think about going far." So she and I just ran, then we came to a dead end but there were a bunch of rocks. So Elle and I each ran under a diffrent rock I had the bag and Elle still had the pipe. As I heard footsteps become louder and louder, my heart beat became faster and faster, my breatheing became heavier and heavier. Then the footsteps stopped. I was relifed but then I heard a...
I heard a gun shot, the I heard a scream. My heart nearly stopped, I just wanted to break down and cry my eyes out. But I didn't in fear that they would find me. Then I heard one of them say, "she doesn't have the bag, but we don't have time to find the other one." Then I heard footsteps run away from the scence, those footsteps got fainter, and fainter. Then when I knew the coast was clear I slowly emerged from the rock I was under. I brushed the dirt from my long blonde hair and then I brushed off my knees.

I sat on a rock thinking to myself, "why did this happen to her? Why couldn't they have shotten me why?" Then I thought again, "maybe I can find Elle and try to save her." I quickly perked up and ran rock to rock, searching and searching. Then after a couple of rocks and minutes I found her laying there almost lifeless. I bent down to her and saw were they had shotten her it was right in the stomache. I liad my head on her heart and crying. Then I heard someone mutter something.

"Brooke is that you?" It was a faint voice.

I replied, "yeah it's me, Brooke." Then I was scared but I was sort of happy.

Then Elle took a deep breathe trying to stubble out the words she wanted to say, "Can I tell you something Brooke?"

I replied teary eyed, "yeah."

She started up again, "I'm going to die and I know that, but I want you to find those guys and put them in jail." She took another deep breathe and said, "also don't be scred to do things that our diffrent, and never say, never." Then she sighed and said one last thing, "Brooke you're my best friend and always will be, and remeber that I'm always going to be your angel up from heaven." Then she took one last breathe and died.

I said, "NO you can't go, NO NO NO." I laid my head on her heart and then I heard someone coming but who...
It was the police. They investigated the scence and all that. But I was still torwn up inside thinking I coul've done something. I went to her furnal, it was the saddest thing I think I've ever been to. Elle parents asked me if I'd like to make a speech at her funaral so I did. As I walked up to the church's podium and I started.

"I'm here on the behalf of my friend Elle, she was my best friend and her and I did everything together. That day she died was the worst day of my life, it was so hard for me to she her just die. But she was never the one to say, lets turn around or lets go back. No she was the one who said, 'lets keep going, lets go ahead.' Thats what I admire her for, her persiverance. If she was her today, Elle and I would be playing a game or something to that degree. I miss Elle so much and would do anything to bring her back! I hope one day soon we catch thoughs guys who did this, because thats what she wanted and she told me that." I started to break down in tears, but I picked up were I lefted off, "and she would be so proud of me to even for me to have the bravery I did to even leave that rock to check on her, because I'm the scaredy cat and she was the brave dog. I miss her so much. I'm done."

I walked off the llittle stage in tears they buried her the next day.


9 years later---- graduation----

I'm now 18 years old and I'd just graduted. I wish Elle was here to see it, but after graduation I didn't go back to the party like all the other kids I went down to the creek. I went to the very tree were her and I carved our names in it when we were ten years old. It was that day she died, as I walked up to the tree I started to cry. I touched our old but still seems freshly carved names. It said, "Elle & Brooke BFFS." I stood there looking at the beautifuly carved names, for hours. Then I took a seat on a near by stump. Still looking up at the names. Then all the sudden there was a cold wind that ruffed up the leaves. Then I saw the dirt in front of me move and formed letters. It said, "Brooke I'm so pround of you, I've been watching you from up here from the past 9 years and been so prud of you bravey and the riskes you've tooken, I love you and I'm proud that you graduated, Love you, Elle" I rubbed my eyes in disbelif but then I looked again and it was still there. I was happy to hear from her, but kind of freaked out by it, but I cried and one tear fell on the dirt and then I left.